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join me in this ancient practicE of awareness and awakening.

We underestimate the importance of gratitude in our lives.
I know I have.

We need to stop, breathe, take in our surroundings,
and, ultimately, give thanks for all we have,
for all we see,
for all we learn,
for all we experience,
for all we feel.

We need to let go of all the negatives in our lives.
Embrace the positives with all our hearts, minds, and bodies.

We need to understand that bad experiences,
grief, misunderstandings,
trauma, and difficult times
all add to who we are and who we become.

We need to embrace our ability to become stronger and grow,
to move forward;
to be grounded
but not pin ourselves to or be victims of the past.

She is absolutely a divine teacher.
— Dev Avtar
Her students adore her — and the transformation she brings about is miraculous.
— Deborah Cox
Francesca has excellent patient management skills, intelligence, humor, communication ability, and nursing judgment. Her wonderful and nurturing personality makes it a pleasure to work with her.
— Howard L. Rosner, M.D., Medical Director, The Pain Center | Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Francesca is gentle, strong, clear, and kind. She is also wickedly smart and funny.
— Mary Jo Thatcher

"Do not let the day slip through your fingers, but live it fully now — this breath, this moment, catapulting you into full awareness."

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