Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. Soulful Passing 4PAWS. In-home pet hospice.

Soulful Passing 4PAWS


In-Home Pet Hospice


You love your pet because of how you feel with them.
You give, serve, and sacrifice — because your pet fills your spirit.

To heal an empty space that opens up with loss,
You first must hear what your heart wants.

When you are healed, you are whole —
Which makes a cherished life.

When your memories can bring you strength and joy,
You are healed and ready to move on.

Allow me to guide you through this journey…
With relaxation breathing, guided meditations, and gentle yoga postures.

Francesca helped me come to grips with making the toughest decision any pet owner is called upon to make. When it was time to put Emily to sleep, Francesca led me and my friends in a graceful, reassuring ceremony, complete with music, candles, and a guided meditation and prayer.
— Brian Caldirola
Francesca possesses an outstanding range of pain management skills and expertise for patients with chronic and advanced disease. Her integration of meditation and stress management brings them great benefit.
— Dean L. Wolcott, MD | Director, Supportive Care Services in the Outpatient Cancer Center

"Your spirit is mingled with mine, what touches you, touches me."

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